Piwik Plugin - Setup, Installation, First steps

How does this Plugin work?

On the site it says i need a MySQL Database for it! I don’t get how it can work with Grav, then…

-What is a “site ID”
-How do i setup Piwik to run on my Grav Site?

Hello Smash,

i looked up the github page of the plugin. Can’t see a word of mysql ;). So you wanna track your pages via Piwik. I think the you’ll get the “site ID” via Piwik and have to write it down to your config in GRAV.

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Do you mean the “Site ID” corresponds to the Number Part in Folders?

For example:
/user/pages/01.home ? and if i want to see the Piwik statistics i need to create a page /user pages/xx.piwik? I have no clue what to do. (I tried this though)

Piwik itself requires a MySQL database, not Grav (https://piwik.org/docs/installation/). Piwik, in its admin dashboard (separate from Grav’s) provides a tracking ID to use to your site. Its as easy as a Google Analytics ID, you just embed a piece of HTML/Script at the end of your site.

Once installed, all statistics lives within Piwik. Grav just needs to embed the correct script-tag (see https://developer.piwik.org/guides/tracking-javascript-guide). Also note that this plugin was last updated in 2015, so if the plugin itself causes any problems you could just copy the script Piwik generated and paste it into the appropriate template for your theme (typically base.html.twig).

Yeah, just like this :wink:

Thank you both of you for your answers.

I cannot access the piwik Admin Dashboard though.

example.com/user/plugins/piwik/ (where piwik.php is located) gives me

You don’t have permission to access /user/plugins/piwik/ on this server.

for example.

Got it so far.

Download piwik, choose any directory to move it into for example example.com/analytics/piwik

Set up the database…

Will report back the moment it completely works

Yep. Thats about it.

  1. Download piwik
  2. extract everything
  3. theres another “piwik” folder inside of the archive. This holds all important files
  4. Put it anywhere on your server
  5. access it: http://example.com/path/to/directory
  6. You are now inside the piwik GUI and can setup your database !
  7. You nicely set piwiks options to protect your visitors privacy

Thank you for your help guys :slight_smile: