Accessing index page after installing?


Please excuse what likely seems like a dumb question to others here, but has me scratching my head.

So, I’m setting up Grav on a local XAMPP setup to learn and use it for a website. WP is kinda bloated and annoying, so I want to use something “lighter”.

The thing that confuses me is, in order to access the site, I have to go to //localhost/grav-admin, instead of just //localhost. Shouldn’t there be an index.php file in the root web/htdocs folder so users only have to go directly to the web address, without having to add /grav-admin?

I’ve looked for info/instructions on this, but haven’t seen it anywhere.

Thanks for any help/info on this.

Hi @TwoCatsYelling, my hunch is that when you expanded the downloaded Grav skeleton it created a folder to hold the entire site called ‘grav-admin’. This is expected, as usually you want a separate folder for each site running in localhost.

You should be able to rename this folder to anything you want, as long as all the files remain in that folder.

I hope the above makes sense🙂. Hope you enjoy Grav!

Right, I extraced the whole grav-admin folder into the HTDocs per the instructions.

But my question is, when I want to just visit the site itself (not the admin section), shouldn’t I be able to access the website by going directly to the website address? In the case of a local setup, it would just be //localhost. But otherwise it would be a

The way this is setup, I have to put in /grav-admin. I don’t think that’s the way it should be working, but I can’t find any info or instructions on how to make it work correctly.

Here’s an example. I thought maybe it’s different when you upload it to the actual webserver, since each site gets its own folder.

But it’s the same setup even there, per this video:

Notice how they aren’t going directly to a website address, but add /grav-admin to it?

Is Grav set up to require adding /grav-admin to the website address? Or am I missing something?

Hi @TwoCatsYelling, it depends on how you set things up etc. If you want one and only one site then you could have all your Grav files located there in that root folder. I’ve got many Grav sites running, and each one is actually installed in a separate folder but on my domain settings I set which folder is for each domain (For example site files are actually in a separate folder, as is

Here is a bit more info that you might find helpful:

By their nature, expanded ZIP archives will always create a containing folder. You could select and move all of these files to another location, but just be sure to move the invisible .htacess file as Grav needs that file.