Piwik plugin

I just released a plugin for use piwik for http://piwik.org

Hey, thanks! Will have to check it out… Right now I’ve got the codes hardcoded in my template files

Can you add a request to add this to GPM in the Grav issue tracker so i don’t forget? https://github.com/getgrav/grav/issues

And available new version for piwik plugin
fixed bug

Hello Palmik,
how can I use your Piwik plugins? I’m new to Piwik.
In the github documentation under Usage it states: "Copy the ID URL and insert it to the configuration of this plugin."
Is the ID URL my website URL? If not, how can I get it?
I visited Piwik website. In order to use Piwik there is two ways, self-hosted or use Piwik cloud. Which way shall I use to deal with your Piwik plugin?

Many thanks for the plugin!