Grav on localhost (using KSweb)

I am looking to devlop/test website material offline on my phone (off grid a lot). I have installed KSweb as a php server and it runs OK. I copy to htdocs and select ‘extract to this folder’. This creates the folder ‘htdocs/grav-admin’.
When I load: http://localhost:8080/grav-admin it defaults to: http://localhost:8080/grav-admin/admin
There is no /admin folder in ‘grav-admin/’
If I load: http://localhost:8080/grav-admin/LICENSE.txt/ it loads that OK.
I figured that http://localhost:8080/grav-admin/ would load the index.php in that folder and present either the homepage or the admin register.
What am I missing?

When you first extract Grav and try to load it, if there’s an Admin plugin installed (which it is in your case), it redirects you to /admin and asks you to create an admin account. Admin can’t work without any account

Thx for the quick reply. As I said there’s no /admin folder; either in the .zip file or the extraction so I get a 404 - not found.
Am I correct thinking that there should be an admin folder?

There shouldn’t be such folder. Admin plugin handles this path. You should not get a 404 :confused:

Thx again. Thing is I am getting a 404 so, for some reason, the admin plugin is not being called. The zip extract sees grav-admin.htaccess set in htdocs, not grav-admin? I put a copy in grav-admin but it made no difference. I am sure we can get this working… just need a line of action.

grav-admin.htaccess? I don’t think I ever saw such file. There should only be .htaccess in a root folder

I have been working on this over the last couple of days and made two ‘changes’ to my situation.
1 - I installed grav on my PC; localhost using xampp. I copied the install over to the phone. There was something not right about the zip extraction. The most obvious was the creation grav-admin.htaccess in htdocs.
2 - I switched to using apache - from Lighttpd

So, with a few other tweaks, I have a working grav… yay! I will now give time to exploring the interface and extras. It looks good. Thank you.