Win 8.1 64bit, simple zip install doesn't work on XAMPP or WAMP

Subject says it all … tried most recent XAMPP / WAMP install (both confirmed working with simple phpinfo() tests). Extracted grav .zip to /htdocs (XAMPP, for example), hit localhost/grav/ and unable to load page. Same results with WAMP.

Are you getting an error? If so what is the error? Perhaps a screenshot? Are you running PHP 5.4?

I tried the latest default install of XAMPP and WAMP, which both run PHP 5.5. I created simple phpinfo() tests in /htdocs and /www respectfully, both worked fine. Unzipped grav into /htdocs and /www respecfully and both show unable to load page, no PHP errors (confirmed startup errors and display errors on with E_ALL).

Latest grav release.

A blank page? nothing is displayed at all? We’re testing it now.

Hello there. I just downloaded WAMP on a 64-bit Windows 8.1 machine and went through the steps listed. Here’s what I discovered.

Windows adds an additional folder layer on extraction, so if you have a folder within a folder, you may need to move the second folder to the /www directory, then rename it and try it that way.

I’m not sure why Windows does this, but it worked for me.

Nope, c:\xampp\htdocs\grav contains grav (index.php, assets/bin/cache folder, etc.). If I hit localhost/grav, no workey.

Sshot1 Sshot2 Sshot3

Nothing tricky here. Default install of xampp. Default intsall of grav. XAMPP confirmed working fine. grav doesn’t load. see 3 screenshots.

This is really strange. Here is a screenshot from my system. I’m running WAMP 2 (just downloaded to test this situation) Grav

See screenshots.

Zero config changes. Default everything.

I just pulled in series the latest release of xampp/wamp/ and grav and did nothing but an unzip on default installs. shrug

If you drop info.php into your htdocs/grav does it display? The thing is your not even hitting grav at all.

Yes it does. See the next 2 shots. Sshot4 Sshot5

can you try http://localhost/grav/index.php ?

And thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. Your patience and assistance is totally appreciated.

Same result. Sshot6

Tried on XAMPP and WAMP with Chrome, FFox, IE

No problem at all, it’s an exciting looking project! I wanted to play with it, but :(!!

If I were you I would suspect a wonky configed XAMPP or WAMP, but these were both fresh installs, followed by a simple grav unzip. To rule out other weirdness I tried an install of prestashop, worked fine.

Here’s a weird test. If you rename index.php to test.php and hit it directly, does anything happen?