Installing on XAMPP?


I have Ubuntu 16.10 installed on a USB flash drive, and have installed XAMPP. So I drag the to opt/lampp and extract it. Now what? Is it installed? Is there a page I have to go to (ie. localhost/)?

Sorry, I’m very new.


You really don’t need XAMPP if you are going to boot/run ubuntu. Is that what you are trying to do?

No sir, what I’m trying to ask is where do I extract the zip? Extracting it webroot doesn’t seem to work? And do I need to go to a certain address like localhost/grav or something once I do install it?..

First make sure your webserver is properly installed and configured, by adding a simple PHP file in your web root, and testing if it works (e.g. http://localhost/my-file.php). Make sure the port is 80, usually local servers use 8080 or similar.

Then, just unzip the Grav zip in the web root, and this is the only step needed to install it.

Friend of mine recommended I don’t use XAMPP for my webserver, Everything seems to be fine now.