Cant install...says page isn't working

Hello, New here…trying to install a new instance. When i unzip the files to my server and go to the site to install it tells me the page is not working. ive varified the site has the correct PHP version and all the PHP requirements. The permissions on the files are good. Is there something else im Missing…

Try these suggestions first. If you’re in a local setup on Win/Mac, MAMP is known to be a good package to start without configuration issues.

I had a problem with installation also. I was stumped until I checked the php error log. In my case, it showed a directory grav sets up for cache could not be created for lack of permissions. It might be different now, but at the time, Grav installation depended on the account running php to be the owner of the web files and directories. It is not sufficient that the account running php is in a group with permissions. Changing permissions on the parent directory fixed the problem.
The key for me was checking the php error log. I did not think of that at first. The reason I didn’t look there immediately is the installation instructions gave me the impression there would no need for any action except unzipping the files into the directory where I wanted to run them. Even though it made no sense to think this, I figured that meant there was no way a php error could be part of the picture.