Wide Open Windows Webdesign

Used Typhoon theme

site is in Dutch (for now, perhaps I add English too)

@TonHaarmans, There are a few areas that deserve some extra attention:

  • Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error): Inter-roman.var.woff2:1
  • Content is not accessible without consent. This is not allowed in the EU. See https://edpb.europa.eu/sites/edpb/files/files/file1/edpb_guidelines_202005_consent_en.pdf points 39, 40, 41
  • You might consider pipelining assets for loading performance.
    • Not all assets are minified
    • Assets are not combined.
  • Light/dark modes:
    • Do not seem to work.
    • Are hardly readable because of little contrast with background and text color.
  • Menu-item ‘Je bent er’ seems to be the ‘Home’ menu-item but what’s the use on this single page site?
  • Contactform validation messages:
    • Are red on pink background which makes them hardly readable.
    • Validation messages are not translated.

Thank you for your feedback!!

  • I disabled the GDPR plugin, need to have a better and less intrusive one…
  • I looked already at the missing font, but the funny thing is, it’s not missing at all imho… It’s also something of Typhoon
  • Light/Dark mode does work afaik… Just scroll down. I am still figuring out how to change the hero background when in light mode. Any idea is welcome! BTW, also this is a Typhoon feature…
  • The menu-item would translate to “You are there”. It indeed has no functional use, but still I want it.
  • Yes, you are right with lack of contrast of the validation messages. Got rid of the purple bg.

Hi pamtbau,
It seems indeed that the background color of the header element does not change when setting the theme chooser. Must be a bug too. Have reported it.
Also the css and js are minified and pipelined.
Validation messages have been translated in en.yaml. It did not work well when setting the language to nl in the admin configuration. Then the form did nothing anymore. I am a bit disappointed with the bugs of a theme that is sold as premium…


  • Should the header and footer background-color change on dark/light change?
  • Did you set the supported languages config setting correctly?
     supported: [nl, en]
  • Disappointed? Don’t forget it is a first release and only a handful people have used it. Early adopters like you are needed to catch and report issues :wink:
  • The following text above the contact form is not readable when in light-mode.


    Neem contact op

  • Performance:
    • Assets merge/minify: I had hopes loading time would improve more. Still 6 secs.
    • Maybe lazy loading of images at bottom may give some improvement.
    • An hero image of 1.5 Mb doesn’t help…
      Total size images is 2.2Mb, of 2.6Mb for total page.

You are right. It’s just that until now the experience with Grav has been completely smooth and flawless, a fantastic contrast with the CMS I used before (Drupal).
I have done away with the theme-color chooser altogether.
Lazy loading the thumbnails sounds like a good idea!. I know the hero image is huge, but I really want that image. I have used a file-optimizer but it couldn’t make the file size smaller. I could of course compromise on the quality of the image or it’s size…


You could use Responsive Images (MDN) which allows browsers to load different image sizes depending on size of viewport of device: Large image for desktop, small image for mobile.

Grav has tools for creating Responsive Images (Grav Learn)

I see you’ve already downsized the Hero image. Download size is down ~50%, download time is down ~30%