Grav update broke Woo theme

Check -> Click on an image in the “product screenshot” section.
The image is loaded but never displayed.

Seems its a bug with the lightbox script that comes with the Woo theme. It doesn’t seem to like the latest jQuery 2.2.X release. Setting jQuery back to 2.1.4 in user/config/system.yaml allows it to work again:

    jquery: system://assets/jquery/jquery-2.1.4.min.js

Thanks for the pointer.
It seems to be this lightbox script. Unfortunately the author has not made a compatibility update yet.

I’ve set the jQuery version back to 2.1.4 in the skeleton repo.

That’s a workaround but not a solution :). It breaks in main.js on the var description=… line. Somehow that construct is not JQuery 2.2.X safe.

The problem is with lightbox, not Grav. That script needs to be fixed to work with jQuery 2.2.x. Not something that’s Grav’s fault.

No lightbox.js is completely fine. The Woo theme uses an ancient jquery. This itself is not causing the issue but then the theme also loads an old version of jquery-migrate. And that breaks the description line I pasted above. Once you remove jquery-migrate line 47 of base.html.twig of the template it’ll work. Updating the jquery asset line to use 2.2.x is obviously also a good idea.

Hmm… ok, i’ll take a look. This theme is a direct port, so we didn’t change any of that existing stuff.