Hey, my show case here!

I have been working on my wiki for years using another wiki framework but now I am trying to switch to Grav.

I just want to show case my current one (not deployed yet but only on my virtual machine).

The layout, image, Math, Footnote, all look great!


Awesome! A very good example for Grav’s chinese (pls correct me, if I am wrong) language support.

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Yes, it is in Chinese. The book is Hawking’s compilation God Created Integers.


@taylorren, I took a brief look at the website you mention in your profile. Not sure if that is the same site and shown above.

An analysis using Google Lighthouse in Chrome returned the following results:

So, there is room for improvement…

One of the major performance issues found are about ‘render-blocking resources’. This is about loading *.js and *.css files.
You might want to consider to have a good look at the documentation on the Asset Manager.

The asset manager can compress and combine assets (js, css) into smaller and fewer files to be loaded by the browser. This will improve the performance.


@pamtbaau Thank you very much for spending time and review my site performance.

Yes, I know it is not optimized. Your review and advice is surely of help to me. I will revamp my site later, when I have more time.

Meanwhile, I am very “lazy” in the sense that I want to have some out-of-box template to help me on this. Any recommendations?

BTW, the link you posted leads a person’s profile, with no visible link to something related to Asset Manager.

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