Antimatter Repo Issue #35

First of all Thanks for Grav, overall I am very impressed and pleased with the Antimatter Theme! Back in December at the behest of Flaviscopes I posted an issue regarding menu items being pushed below at certain page widths with Antimatter. This issue is still open, any idea when you may be able to take a look at this item? Is there anything I can do to help? Thanks!

It’s just kinda low on our priorities list. The antimatter theme is just a basic theme, and the simple/quick answer is to a) have less menu items) or b) reduce padding between items.

There is no great way to handle lots of menu items in a horizontal menu, wrapping these onto two lines (even if they don’t drop below) still looks ugly.

Thanks, have done quiet a bit of investigation and cannot discover how to reduce padding between menu items. Could you point me in the proper direction?

You can target #header #navbar ul.navigation li a in your CSS edit. E.g.

#header #navbar ul.navigation li a { padding: 0px }

Thank You Very Much, worked like a champ. I would like to say that I have tried quiet a few of the grav skeletons, and IMHO Antimatter is the best!