Uziversitari: a book promotion site made with Grav

I’ve created a very simple site, based on the Antimatter theme, to present my new book to the public:
It’s in Italian only.

Any comments are welcome.

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@marcocevoli Congrats on your book and new website.

I’ve taken a look at your website from a performance point of view.

When looking at the network traffic, I noticed:

  • 9 out of 14 css file have not been minified.
    14 css files seems quite a lot. Are they all needed? Plugins often allow you to disable their included css.
  • 4 out of 9 js files have not been minified.

See suggestions below, to automatically minify and bundle above assets to improve network load.

I have also run Google’s Lighthouse on your site to analyse several aspects of your site.
Below is a summary. As you can see, there is some room for improvement…

If you run Lighthouse yourself, you’ll get an extensive list of possible improvements and best practices.

Based on the above brief investigation I have a few quick suggestions:

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Thanks a lot. Considering it’s really a side project with basically no views except from a few friends and relatives :slight_smile: , performance isn’t really an issue. I might deal with it in a future, as a way of learning new stuff.

BTW, the site is hosted on a shared server and accessing through SSH is quite hard to setup, that’s why I never tried to generate new CSS from SCSS and preferred to have multiple CSS files (at least, this is part of the reason, the other is that I wasn’t even aware of having so many un-minified files…) :slight_smile:

When I browse to, I do get a login page… Once you login, you can go to ‘File Manager’ and easily upload files.

And ftp will probably also be available.

Is there some restriction to using cPanel and/or FTP that makes you use SSH?

Thanks, I know how to access my site through FTP. What I meant is that I didn’t re-compile CSS because I can’t run applications from SSH in this shared environment.

I’m sorry, but I’m confused… :slight_smile:

What would you want to run SSH for? Re-compiling SCSS into CSS is done on you local development machine. The new CSS then is uploaded using FTP/cPanel to your production machine.

A provider would not allow you to compile SCSS anyway on a shared environment…