Finally, ... my site is ready! :-)

I came a long way from different CMS and decided to switch to grav a few months ago. Best choice ever! I just completed to move all my content and my site is now up and running. As the webmaster of a voluntary fire brigade down in Austria I had to add a lot stuff of the last 5 years. Since nearly all of our visitors are using mobile devices I decided to use the Antimatter-theme and pimped it up by using some PHP-scripts and CSS-grids. Nearly all is written in plain-HTML (I love to have this option besides Markdown) using Notepad++ with the NppFTP-plugin.

Have a look at (sorry, all in german language ;-)), feedback welcome!

Thanks to rhukster for helping me out so many times!

Congratulations, looks great!

One thing I noticed, if you resize your browser down a bit, your menu wraps under the header. You might want to tweak the spacing between those menu items to fit better.