Antimatter: Reduce logo size & avoid uppercase


I’m a newbie at coding.

I like Antimatter as it’s well developed and it will suit my needs well. However, I need a few small tweaks here and there.

My site name is quite long. It would look better:

1/ just Capitalized rather than UPPERCASE
2/ a bit smaller, and
3/ in the same colour as the menu to the right, i.e., blue.

I have crawled all over various css files this afternoon trying to figure out what needs overwriting and trying to overwrite in a custom.css file in the Antimatter theme, but all I have found is the limit of my skills!

A pointer/hint/clue/how to would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


Not sure if you have found this yet, but check out the docs on theme customization

I had read that but I’ll re-read it again :slight_smile:
You’re working so fast on Grav and I think it’s going to do really well for you.
Thanks again