RAD AB, SCHRAUBE LOCKER - "excessive" use of cards - pimped, minimal quark theme

Hey everyone,

here is my first grav site - it is based on quark - but trimmed down to the bare minimum - so that becomes a pimped, minimalistic revision - that combines photos and text into clean site.

thank you so much - for everything. grav is great and although i am more or less a noob - i managed to implement a feature rich site that is not just posting things one after the other but making use of tags in order to show the cards in different contexts.


it was and is a pleasure working with grav. thanks.


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@anderer, Congrats!

Few suggestions:

  • Your second column has margin-top: 5rem, any reason why?
  • Using Grav’s Asset Manager, you can combine/minify multiple css files and js files into a single css and js file. Performance might benefit from that.

@pamtbaau - thanks!

  • the second column is set down a bit - for aesthetical reasons - personally it was just driving me nuts seeing them aligned to the top : ) …and showing it to others they also preferred the little off-set

  • YES, thanks for referring to Asset Manager - I have seen these notices in PageSpeed/Lighthouse but I had not time to resolve them - now it runs really smoothly with 98/100 and there are just some minor complaints

so far I worked with wordpress and mediawiki over the past 10 years and grav is just a charm!



@anderer, I get the aesthetics…

I presume the margin-left: 1rem is also for aesthetics?

The margin-top and margin-left are however not needed when only 1 column is shown.

Maybe the following media query might be useful:

@media screen and (min-width: 640px)
.bricklayer-column-sizer {
    width: 50%;
.bricklayer-column+.bricklayer-column {
    margin-top: 5rem;
    margin-left: 1rem;

Love it !

https://rad-ab.org/info/RAD-AB-Katalog.pdf fĂĽhrt auf 'ne 404. Nursoalsinfo.

edit: alle PDFs sind unerreichbar.