Using Grav as a Magazine site

I have now build one site using a Grav skeleton and I am getting the hang of it. Very cool! I have a magazine site and am thinking of moving it to a new CMS. They release about 12 articles every month and like a magazine, they release them all on the same day. Would it be practical to organize my magazine articles in a structure like:


I need to be able to teach writers how to admin and I think Markdown would be great if I made good templates to go along with it. But I need to keep it organized for them. Any advice?

It really depends on how you want to be able to display them. You can arrange them in pretty much any manner you wish, and use taxonomy to provide grouping/search capabilities. It sounds like what your proposing is good:

- magazines
  - 2012
    - January
    - February
    - March
    - ...
  - 2013
  - 2014
  - 2015

Then in each actual magazine under the month, you have the articles and a ‘landing page’ that contains some taxonomy like:

  year: 2012 
  month: January
  category: magazine
  tags: [foo, bar, baz]

That way you will be able to show all magazines in one list if you create a collection with category=magazine, or all magazines in 2012 with a collection of year=2012 etc.

Right, makes perfect sense. Thanks for the reply and I am happy to know I am on the right path with my thinking.