Site Structure and organization

I would like to seek your advice and recommendation for the structure and organization of a site.
My current site (Polar Hardboiled) is based on articles organized with categories and sub-categories.

When migrating to Grav, I am wondering which organization should be the most appropriate:

  1. Articles organized in folders and sub-folders matching the categories (folders named as authors, books, news, etc…) or
  2. All articles in a single folder and the site is organized through taxonomy (categories and tags) or
  3. Any other appropriate structure you may recommend

I would like to have a principal menu entry for each category (including sub-categories or children categories) where there are a general description of the category and a list of articles associated to this category.

I am exploring the site examples available in the Grav Site but what I would like to have my site looking as a kind of mix between blog site, agency site and notepad site (as the first approach).

Sorry if my question sounds a little bit simple or stupid but your guidance would be very valuable to me.

Thank you in advance for your help

Nota: sorry for my poor English since I am french (and my site is also in French)

If you are going to have a principal menu entry for each category, i would organize them with category being a folder. You could also make use of taxonomy to be able to find ‘all’ or other ‘subsets’ of pages as you needed them.