Trying to work out what is possible

I like to look of Grav and how it functions. I have just got it functioning on a server.
Before I dive in there too deep is it possible to structure a site a bit like they do on the thoughtco site, where under each article there are short into links to other articles in the same category.

Hi Richard

I am new to Grav too, and am yet to get into the nitty gritty too - I am realising that there is a steep learning curve.

However, to answer your question: Yes, I am fairly sure that what you want is possible.

I imagine the easy way to do it is in the twig template for your article/post pages.

At the end after the article content, use a for loop in twig to capture articles in the same category (and even sub-categories) taxonomy articles, then perhaps sort them by publish date (if that is what you wanted - you may want something else for example ‘random’ or ‘alphabetical title’), and then display their desired information.

Another more granular but manual/harder way would be to create a header array where you manually identify the articles you want displayed for that article.

The Grav documentation even has an example (they call it a ‘recipe’) for the sort of thing you might want - this lists the latest five posts:

Hope this helps.


Hi Tim

That is very useful. You are right the learning curve is steeper than I thought, and I am pretty used to web programming. I often find with these things that they cover all the points without covering the basics. “the idiots guide to creating your template” That is what I need!

I will have a play with your instructions, thanks for taking the time