Advice on organisation

I’m looking to move my static site into Grav. It is essentially a blog site, with about 1400 posts. I’m editing those a bit to get rid of ones where all the links have rotted away and so on. There are also a few longer pieces that I tag as Work. I’m wondering how best to organise things. It seems that if I use Home (in Antimatter) then there will be hundreds of items below that.

Is that likely to be a problem in future? Are there better ways to organise my content?



Really you should be able to organize your content however you like. You could create folders for certain categories, or you could create folder for years, the choice is yours.

If you do this, all you need to do is to ensure your posts use a common taxonomy type, such as:

  category: blog

Then in your parent page that is going to list/paginate the posts, you would build a collection using taxonomy rather than simply children.

Thanks. I think probably years will be the easiest to manage, but I will have to get a little further along to decide.