Categories as sections?

I am new to Grav and still few things aren’t clear to me while reading documentation.

So I am creating multi-lang blog and I want to have categories and sub-categories that will have some collection of posts. For example:

  • to-do
    – eat & drink
    –>(posts related to “eat & drink” category)
    – work
    –>(posts related to “work” category)
    –>(posts related to “rest” category)
    –>(posts related to “party” category)
  • living

I cannot wrap my head around how the structure of pages/folders and related posts will look like, especially knowing the articles will be in different languages. Appreciate your hints on this!

There is no one-way to do anything in Grav, one approach however is as follows:

Basically the pages structure is used for organization. Then in your pages you configure taxonomy to correlate to those sections/folders. Your blog will probalby retrieve all pages that are of a common type, say category: blog.

Then you could create another taxonomy type, say it’s called ‘section’ that can be used to filter further, say section: eat_and_drink

Generally i find it better to have the taxonomy be like variables, then you can define a list in site.yaml or some language strings to enable you to lookup eat_and_drink and convert that into “Eat and Drink”.