Upgraded to Grav 1.7.13 and jQuery broken

Upgraded to Grav 1.7.13 and the minified jQuery library is throwing a syntax error. “Uncaught SyntaxError: missing name after . operator”

Updated all plugins, cleared cache, error persists.


  • A stacktrace is alway handly because it tells where the issue happens
  • From which Grav version did you upgrade?
    • If from version 1.6.x: please read the upgrade documentation.
    • If from Grav >= 1.7.0: jQuery has been the same since 1.7.0-rc.18 (2020-12-02) so jQuery itself could not be the issue.
  • It might be a plugin
    Please disable all extra plugins you have installed and enable one by one.

Thanks for the feedback. Don’t know what the glitch was, disabled all plugins using jQuery, cleared cache then re-enabled each one and the error did not come back.

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