[RESOLVED] Grav update broke HTML/CSS/JS and reverting from backup doesn't fix it

If this post should be an issue on GitHub, let me know.


I’m working on a local Grav site. I upgraded from an old version (the version that comes with the “Deliver” skeleton) to the most recent version yesterday. I did not upgrade the theme (we have a custom theme).

After upgrading, the HTML/CSS/JS was broken in multiple places.

I decided to just replace the new Grav install with a backup of the old Grav install I had made prior to upgrade. However, the site is still broken.

So I have the exact same files, but the site is still broken. (user dir is in git, and like I said, the Grav system was backed up file-for file and then restored).

  • The user dir is in the same state it was in prior to upgrade. It does not have any changes in it from the upgrade.
  • I keep the user dir out of the Grav dir which has a symlink to the user dir.

Any ideas what could be going on here? I have tried clearing the browser cache and the Grav cache.

It’s hard to give advice without specifics.

What does “HTML/CSS/JS was broken” mean exactly? Did you open your browser console and see if there are any errors? Usually if things break after an upgrade, there are permissions problems.

For the most part, if your user dir is truly in the same state, then the site should look the same. Core grav shouldn’t alter that fundamentally.

I fixed it. It was my fault.

About ten commits before upgrading, I made a change to a twig that broke other pages that I was not working on, but I didn’t notice it because I never switched back to those until upgrading Grav hours later.

Thanks for your reply! It was helpful to confirm that could Grav can’t influence site style in any way. I thought I had lost it.