Upgrade seems to have broken string translation

Yesterday I did an upgrade for both Grav and the Quark theme, for which I have a child theme. I’m using an almost stock install of Grav. I seem to have lost all of the default translations for items that I have not renamed, so I get things like SIDEBAR.RELATED_POSTS.HEADLINE and BLOG.ITEM.PREV_POST showing.

I’ve tried toggling translation on and off, but as I’ve not touched translations I’m guessing there is something more fundamental I need to fix…?

Hi @mrben, this is due to a recent update to Quark’s language strings which added a Theme_Quark prefix (to make things clearer that the strings belong to the Quark theme).

So, for example in your child theme where you have BLOG.ITEM.NEXT_POST you would change it to THEME_QUARK.BLOG.ITEM.NEXT_POST.