Tuscan Villa site linked to Booking Engine

This is about the third iteration of this site in GRAV, and it’s based on the Typhoon theme, which I love, mainly because it makes using Tailwind very easy, and has much of what I need set up out of the box.

After a disappointing Ruby on Rails website built with an integrated booking engine (not by me), I wanted to make a fast website, split it away from the booking engine, and make it very SEO friendly. I think it’s really worked for me as far as those objectives are concerned; we had dropped low in many of our preferred search terms, now we have hundreds of terms in the top 10 positions. Our organic traffic has gone from 4.5k a month to 12.9k, so I’m very pleased.

Next tasks are to use cloudflare to minimise images automatically, and to use an API to update some of the data - but on a cron tab job, so the site still runs from fixed data and not a database. I think Andy and the team have done a fabulous job with GRAV - I’d be curious to know what people think of this, and if you have any advice.

PS - I did all the sketches too : )

Hello @dan-james

I have been visiting your website and it is really interesting and very beautiful.

In the mobile version I have detected a couple of minor errors, but I want to highlight them in case they are of interest.

The first is the visibility of the bottom button, which shows the cookies, it is not completely displayed.

The second is about the menu button, when you press it it is displayed and remains open, if you press it again it does not close. The only way to close it is by clicking on one of the menu options.

I hope this helps you continue improving your page, which shows the great potential of Grav.

Sorry to have taken so long to say thank you!

The cookie notice is meant to work like that - though I might change that behaviour. The mobile menu is definitely unhappy, I’ll have to see if I can work out why it isn’t closing.

Thanks, Dan.