Hotel or Booking site?

Grav is it good to build an Hotel or Booking site for my guest house with Grav cms?? Thanks

Grav is good for building a booking site. I used it for rental booking by using the service from I see Timekit is now commercial, but it is affordable with a free option. It integrates with a Google Calendar. I created a timekit widget for each boat for rent. Each boat has a different colour calendar. When a customer books online, you get an email where you either accept or deny the reservation. When accepted, the availability status is changed on the the Google Calendar in real time. I can see what boats are rented by looking at my Google Calendar which is also embedded on the site so customers can see availability.

The site is It is winter now so there is no activity. Just offering an idea for you. It was really easy to set up, good for a non-programmer developer.

Thank you for your response… Can we keep in touch coz i really need your help… We have a guesthouse in rome and we try to build a simple website for booking like i said before… But now that i start using grav a dont understand how to start to build one with grav…?? Can you help us please? I just need to know how to properly install the skeletons or themes coz everytime I try to work on it i only see blank paper where i can put image and text… Thank you i cant find any videos on how to start to create a website…

I learned Grav from the documentation site. I am happy to help with the Booking stuff, I could provide your with a copy of that site if you like. One of the many things I like about Grav is how portable it is. I can simply zip up the site and move it to a server or share it with a friend. All it needs is to be run through a webserver. The Skeletons are a great way to fast-track. Download the one you like and unzip it in your web-server root. This is a good article to get your started:

Mikegcox oh great i really appreciate your help… I have a question about web server root… I used xammp:

And :localhost/grav is my directory… Is that the web server root?

Maybe one day if you come here in italy we offer you a room ect =)

And if you can send me the copy of the site just to start to work at it as an example or start a new one based on your site… At least you could give me more tips thanks

Send me a private message with your email address and I will share the site with you. I am not a great developer by any means, but this did work well last summer during the rental season.

to get a skeleton going, you want to unzip the skeleton in the root so that you get to it by going localhost/skeleton-folder-name