Theme Tutorial - question with update

Hello, I started using Grav today and went through the Theme Tutorial Before starting, I had inserted some images that were displaying fine in the Antimatter theme. After going through the tutorial, I noticed that my images were breaking the responsiveness of the bootstrap theme. I then logged into my admin dashboard and saw that maintenance was at 88%. I pressed the fully updated to get it to 100% and then saw the image was displaying as expected.

I’m just curious what just happened. Why did updating the maintenance section get the image to display correctly. What triggers an update? Should I always be pressing the maintenance update button?

Very exciting stuff here! Love the speed!

I think the problem is this, which was told me by another user a few days ago: there’s already a theme called “Bootstrap” in the Grav Themes Directory, and seeing you have a bootstrap folder under user/themes “tricked” Grav to believing it was that theme, and when you updated, it downloaded the theme

Is this what happened?

that could be it. I was following the theme tutorial and it mentioned to create a theme named Bootstrap. I’ll have to keep on digging around to understand what the maintenance numbers refer to. Thanks!

Maintenance % is just a count of the plugins/themes you have up to date vs plugins/themes with an update available.

If you confirm that scenario happened (the Bootstrap theme from the GPM was installed) I’ll take steps to avoid such thing/confusion to happen again.