Theme images not showing up

Ok, I’m pulling my hair out here. In my local environment, all of my images are showing up fine, On my staging server, images that are being pulled in through the template are broken. I have absolute urls set to “true” and in chrome dev tools, they full url to the image is there. Here’s the section from the template file.

            <img src="{{ theme_url }}/images/nav-logo.png" alt="Logo Image">

And, thanks in advance!

what is the value of theme_url? What happens if you turn of absolute_urls ?

What do you mean exactly by the value of theme_url?

With absolute_urls turned on I get this:

and with it turned of I get:

Here’s a link to the test site that I’ve been playing around with. Absolute url’s are turned on.
Notice the image in the top right.

The URL seems fine. I think the file i just not there, or mistyped or something. When the HTML has the output:

<img src="" alt="Logo Image">

And you get a broken image, it’s not going through Grav at all, it’s simply requesting that URL from the webserver. The webserver itself is giving a 404/broken image. What should the URL be? I can’t tell because I can’t arbitrarily browse your filesystem.

That should be the url to the image and it’s definitely there. It shows up fine on my local install. Maybe an .htaccess thing? I have the default .htacess file that comes with the base Grav installation.

more likely a permissions issue. Perhaps the image file is not readable by the webserver?

Maybe so. I’ll try posting a different image in the morning and see if it fixes it. If not, I may just put the image in another folder.