Concered about Update


I have my site with (and the Antimatter-version that came with it) running without problems. Since I have changed a few things in base.html.twig and also _base.css I’m a little concerned, if these changes get lost on update?
I would use the manual upgrade …

Also, is the Antimatter-theme in the Core included, since it is GRAV`s default theme, or do I have to update it separately?



the Antimatter-theme is separated from the core, i.e. you can download it here . Thus, you can update the core without loss of your changes. I don’t use GPM, but at least it should ask and show, which themes/plugins it will update. If you want be sure, just wait till @rhukster or others are repsonding.

However, if you update Antimatter your changes will be lost! To circumvent this you can rename the folder of your customized Antimatter theme into e.g. Matter and change the theme in user/config/system.yaml to

  theme: matter

and do the update. If you want to take advantage of the changes in the Antimatter theme, the best procedure is to collect all your changes you have made and create your own theme using Theme inheritance technique described in .


Just for your information: 01.home was overwritten by the default one, and also the theme-folder with all customization. But no problem, I copied all changes before updating :wink:

By the way, it appears, that the images load much faster then with the former versions (which were quite fast anyway). thumbs up

Great and thanks for the notice! :smiley:

Others might run into the same problems, but they now know at least what can happen unexpectedly when upgrading. Doing backups like you did is always recommended…