Are themes still in active development?

Hi, just getting started with Grav and my question is two-fold.

First of all the theme/skeleton directory says that themes have been updated two week ago, but then looking at the Github Repo of a theme, it seems it hasn’t been touched for a year or two years.
How current are the themes and why are they showing to have received recent updates?

My other questions is that there seems not to be a lot of new themes. Is there a particular reason for it?

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Perhaps noone developed nothing interesting lately :wink: I’m thinking about making some basic theme based on Bootstrap 4, but it’s alpha still. Do you have anything particular in mind?

@MakaryGo Bootstrap 4 is in beta now, and feature-freeze is in place. Go forth and create!

@bohan As far as I can tell the match between displayed dates on the site and the repos are correct, many themes get regularly updated. The website syncs from GitHub.

A lot of the regular developers of themes and plugins seems focused on improving and maintaining current themes, and as such not as many new ones make it to market. Also, the core developers are focused on Grav 2.0, and so the community really relies on new developers or designers to dig in and create themes.

@OleVik I believe that the issue with showing ‘10 weeks’ on Grav Download website is caused by incorrect date format in Changelog file.

And how does this work for the skeletons?

Here you see most of them “updated 2 weeks ago” and then the repo shows last updated 2 or 3 years ago?

I guess I am just wondering how active the development is of Grav.

As I said, I’m fairly new to Grav, coming from WP and looking for alternatives, because I’m not too happy where things are going. I did 2 relatively small things with Grav and working on a 3rd, but before making a decision on investing a lot more time in it, I guess I just want to know if Grav still is something current or whether it perhaps already is over its peak…

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This is a great question and I think I’ve figured it out after wondering myself. I haven’t checked the below with every theme or skeleton, but it seems to hold in general.

For themes:

The “CHANGELOG” popup can be inconsistent. For example, some are missing (e.g. “Mediator”) and some lead to nothing (e.g. “Big Picture”).

The “:clock9: 1 year ago” text in the bottom right of the card reflects the date of the most recent change in the repo. It may be rounded to the nearest month, however (e.g. “SoraArticle”).

For skeletons:

The “:clock9: 6 days ago” text in the bottom right of the card is based on the theme version and the Grav version. So if Grav updated last week but the theme hasn’t been updated for 2 years, the skeleton will count as being last edited a week ago.

The changelog (on or the Git repo) of a skeleton will often not match the changelog for a theme (e.g. “Ceevee”) This isn’t too much of an issue as the skeleton will include the theme as a dependency, meaning a skeleton will always download assets from the latest version of the theme even if the skeleton repo itself has never been updated.

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