Plugin & Theme Maintenance

Many Plugins and Themes are outdated, broken, or both. @rhuk I, for one, am willing to work on this problem, but I need HELP. I have four (4) goals:

  • Goal #1: Draw attention to this problem. (Working on it!)
  • Goal #2: Gather a list of plugins that need to be fixed, updated, or removed.
  • Goal #3: Make a list of broken themes too.
  • Goal #4: Start fixing stuff!

A lot of the fixing can be done by Pull Requests or Forking (if nobody responds to Pull Requests) on Github. For example, this plugin needs to be fixed, and here is the Pull Request page: Pull requests · seb-vial/grav-plugin-about-me · GitHub

So, let’s get working on this problem. BUMP this topic often and help out when you can!

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I’m new here, so I can’t put more than two links - so I broke the links. If you are reading this, you are smart enough to use them anyway.

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Reply to this post with PLUGINS that need maintenance.

Reply to this post with THEMES that need maintenance.

I have a development site setup with Ubuntu 22.04, nginx 1.18 & PHP 8.1.
I will be testing all themes first, Should be able to report in a week or so.
I installed Grav with admin panel and updated Grav and all modules (Admin panel, email, error, flex objects, form,login, markdown notices & problems). Theme is Quark v2.04.

I am not a github user so will report here.

All updating is done via the command line and not the Admin Panel.

First Theme Failure.
Aerial 2.04 on Grav v1.7.41.1 - Admin v1.10.41.2
Completely killed the build to the point of moving back to Quark theme, I was still unable to save an article. On checking the bug is in the blueprints.yaml file.

Error is: An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("Cannot load blueprint blueprints://flex-objects/pages.yaml:

Did not seem to work only displayed a single page was: grav-theme-agency
The one I was impressed with is grav-theme-akazie-wood/ which has a great many options built in. A good starting point other than quark.

@Da_bfg, There are several reasons a theme might not behave as expected:

In the docs, most common issues have been mentioned together with a possible fix.

You’ve already stumbled over the 2 most common issues:

  1. HTML is displayed as code on your site rather than being rendered as HTML as intended
    The issue is caused by a security measure implemented by Twig to prevent a hack.
    This issue can be mitigated by setting the following in user/config/system.yaml:
      autoescape: false
      twig_compat: true
    The disadvantage of this setting, is that the security measure has now been cancelled, which turns the website vulnerable again.
  2. Getting errors about invalid YAML.
    These errors can be located in blueprints, but also in the frontmatter (which is yaml) of demo pages. Some Yaml issues are benign and some will throw an error
    This issue is harder to fix for a novice user, because you’ll have to touch the faulty files to fix the issue.

Issues unmentioned in docs:

  • Swapping themes
    Another issue that is mentioned by novice users occurs when themes are being swapped. You may have stumbled over this one also…

    Themes work in concert with pages (and their media) and also other files which it may expect to find in the user folder.

    For example: When Quark in a default Grav installation is being swapped with a theme that only supports a modular page (a one-page website), an error will be thrown because template default.html.twig is not present in the newly installed theme.

    The theme in itself is not faulty, but may be experienced as such by novice users.

I’m closing the post for a few reasons:

  • There are 406 plugins and 116 themes.
  • The post might become very long and unwieldy. It will loose its usefulness.
  • The post will get on top of the list again and again after each and every update, while for most users the post is uninteresting.
  • It will not solve the issue…

To solve the issue, be proactive towards the developer of the theme/plugin. You can take the following actions:

  • An issue can be created at the repo of the plugin/theme.
  • A pull request can be submitted on the repo of the plugin/theme.
  • An email can be sent to the author.
    The email address of the author can be found in the properties of the theme/plugin in Admin, or using $ bin/gpm info theme-or-plugin-name.
  • If one is keen on improving and taking over an abandoned theme/plugin, read the Abandoned Resource Protocol in the docs.

Lastly, you can voice your ideas/suggestions to this discussion on Github: Theme/plugin repository cleanup and quality control

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