Theme 'antimatter' does not exist, unable to display page

Just getting this after ftp-ing the woo skeleton to my server.
Very new to Grav.
Can anybody give me advice. Thanks :wink:

I assume you downloaded the skeleton from GitHub or something? The skeleton repo in GitHub is only the ‘user’ folder without any theme or plugins. The skeleton is then used to ‘build’ a skeleton package which is a self-contained zip file with Grav + Content + Plugins + Theme. You just extract it and run it.

This zip file is always associated with the release, so for Woo Skeleton the package is here:

This is the file linked to the download on

no downloaded from getgrav site. found the problem in the yaml file the theme was given as antimatter, changed that to woo and all is good.
Now on to find out how to redesign and add an admin… :wink:

bin/gpm install admin to install the admin plugin.

Hi, not so clever with this terminal install idea…
Can I do this on the remote Server, or only local?
And what can I read that will give me a good heads up on the subject?

Most hosting providers let you use SSH. If you check out our hosting guides in the docs they all provide you with help on how to set this up.

Really as a web developer, you should not be afraid of the terminal, it is actually a way to improve your productivity. Check out this command line introduction.

Nice, thanks. Will try not to be afraid in/of the future :wink: