Demo Sites With Admin Content


I am looking into new content management systems and have got Grav up and running locally on my iMac.

However i am looking to get a couple of sites up and running with demo content and admin functionality.

I have downloaded grav + admin option and got that setup nice and easily.

I have downloaded Woo Skeleton

However when download this it does not have the admin part of the setup.

Can you advise if it is possible to see how the woo skelton works along with the admin functionality

Additionally is the site available as a demo.




What I did is just installed the skeleton over my already installed Grav Core.
You can however install the Skeleton in a fresh location and grab the plugin separately and install it.

I should add, make sure to read through the instructions it tells you how to install in manually and what other plugins are needed.

A simple way to test a variety of skeletons with admin is simply to install the admin in the skeleton with this command:

$ bin/gpm install admin

Skeletons from the Skeletons Gallery without any of the CLI so the latter does nothing.

I meant to say that they come without the CLI, which makes it difficult to add the plugins they are missing.

Have a look here

The admin plugin actually requires the help of 3 other plugins, so to get the admin plugin to work you first need to install login, forms, and email plugins.

These plugins should install automatically if needed when you install admin via GPM.

To be able to use GRAV CLI or GPM you need remote access to the server where GRAV is hosted/installed.
I love the idea but unfortunately many providers don’t alow this :frowning:

If you have installed it and have it running locally, you could theoretically upload the entire Grav-directory and run it directly without the need of direct access to GPM through SSH. Probably have to manually delete everything in the cache-directory and tweak system.yaml, but other than that the Grav installation process does not need to adapt itself into the new environment.

Thansk OleVik. I’m developing locally (XAMPP) and uploading works great.
A truly portable CMS!!
When you have no remote connection to the server it is a tremendous help to use the Admin plugin to install other plugins and their dependencies.
I hope the development of the Admin Pro plugin is on track! :slight_smile: