Skeleton in admin


Can you start off with a skeleton in the admin version off grav. So that you can simply edit text were it used to be and keep the same layout?

Skeletons don’t include admins, but you could easily install it on-top. Just use bin/gpm install admin or download the plugin and drop it into /user/plugins/.

What plugin should I install? I want to install this one ( )

Thanks for the reply

I allready have the admin installed on a server.

But is Admin installed within the Skeleton? Skeletons are packages which include a theme, plugins, and demo content. So you would only have to install Admin into the Skeleton, ie. /SkeletonFolder/user/plugins/admin.

thanks here is the full explenation

As Ole said, Skeletons in Grav are essentially demo sites.

Any site in Grav is self-contained under the user folder.

Skeletons essentially are user folders. You can download any skeleton from Github, remove your user folder content, move the skeleton in it, and run bin/grav install to fetch the plugins and themes required by that skeleton.