How to use a skeleton?

  1. cd into docroot
  2. wget
  3. unzip
  4. ??? Wonder how to tell I site I want to use this theme/skeleton.

you might want to rename the resulting folder if it’s called grav-skeleton-striped-site to maybe just grav, then point your browser at the location (hopefully you extracted in your web root).

Thank you for your response. :slight_smile: That’s really strange behavior. Can someone update the docs so people know the nginx (or apache) config needs to change the doc root to point into a skeleton directory in order to cleanly use it.

Ugg… When I change the doc root the css breaks…

Can I just install the theme and the plugins the skeleton uses without using the skeleton? It seems like skeletons are just bad shortcut hacks. Using “” as a home page with “” as a different page is not acceptable or logical.

It’s not a hack, it’s a package of Grav with all the bits you need. Just extract it directly into your webroot:

$ unzip -d /var/www/html

That’s all there is to it.

Uggg. So do you recommend I symlink the contents of grav-skeleton-striped-site into my doc root? You expect me to use a url of as the site, with as a totally different site???

noooooo :slight_smile: I never mentioned symlinking.

Your making this way more complex than it actually is.

Just like WordPress, or Joomla, or whatever, extract the skeleton into your webroot, or wherever you normally put your web files. That’s all.

Maybe go back to square one here. I don’t know nginx, so I’ll have to talk Apache.

Start with an empty folder that Apache expects to find the website files in. Empty. Set up Apache to use that for whatever site name you want, maybe it’s just localhost:8080. Whatever. Let’s assume you called it and when you surf there you get a blank page because you have put nothing there, yet.

Now download the skeleton of your choice. It comes as a .zip with everything in it you need to get the default Grav site running. Unzip that somewhere. Copy all the files (be careful, one of them may be hidden to your file browser as .htaccess) into the blank folder above.

You should be able to surf to and get a Grav site now.

Post the results or error messages here.

OK, so rhukster was incorrect in stating “Just extract it directly into your webroot” as my webroot for the site is /var/www/html/ That gives me /var/www/html/ After unzipping, I need to rename grav-skeleton-striped-site to /var/www/html/ Is this correct? Then I no longer have a git repo and can’t do a git pull as well as commit my changes. Ugg this is ridiculous. If a skeleton is a superset of grav, calling it a skeleton is quite anti intuitive. The docs make it sound like I install it into a grav site, like adding a module or theme to Drupal.

P.S. One of the beautiful things about nginx is it does not support those horrible .htaccess files. You should look into Nginx, the config syntax is cleaner once you understand how it processes config files.

Jesus. Ok, So I extract it to /var/www/html/ but the CSS does not render. Is there a “drush cc all” or “compass compile” type command I need to run to generate the CSS?

One step at a time. Don’t worry, yet, about a git repo, just get Grav running.

The easiest approach, for me, is to unzip the somewhere not your webroot. Just somewhere. Then copy the contents to your webroot.

You won’t need to generate CSS, once things are all in the right places.

A skeleton is a complete Grav install that comes with a theme and perhaps some selected plug-in. Its the bare bones of a complete working Grav site.

git clone /var/www/html/

chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/

I get a 403 Forbidden.

Please update the docs to state that “Its the bare bones of a complete working Grav site.”. The site makes it sound like you install a skeleton into a base grav site.

Better. Now we need to turn it over to @rhukster, a better sys admin than me. He’ll know the typical Grav file permission needs.

Most likely because there is no index.php, so the site is correct, it’s something you add to a base grav site.

I was planning on switching a couple of running simple Drupal 7 sites over.

Ok, I see your problem, please don’t clone the skeleton package. Those get built by our builder. They won’t work out of the box without some other steps.

Simply download the release version:

Extract it, and it should be good to go.

I wonder why there’s no index.php? When I download (not git clone) a skeleton, it has one. You should have to add anything to a skeleton to get the basic functionality.

There is no index.php:

Yah bob the skeleton is simply the user/ part of a site. Contains all the content, plugins, theme, etc. The packages build this into a Grav install.

You can do it via git, but it’s a bit more work. Basically you would need Grav installed first, then you replace the user/ folder with your git cloned skeleton (name the folder user/ of course).

Then you would have to run bin/grav install from the root of the Grav install to have Grav download/clone all the plugins and theme that are described in the .dependencies folder.

Much easier to Grab the package that we have already built for you :slight_smile: