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I have a problem when I install the theme Antimatter I just this:
And I do not have what you see in the picture, how? -->

Please contact me :

Your page looks like mine looked when I first started, and prior adding content. I’ve had luck downloading GRAV skeletons, and then taking a closer look at the contents of user/pages. If you go to the GRAV Skeletons page and search for one-page site, you can take a look at an example Antimatter theme page, see how the splash images are gotten, and so on.

Did you install the one-page skeleton package???

I install the theme for my panel, but should I download it and transfer it in the folder user / themes?

The site content and presentation depends on the pages. If you install just the theme, the site will show the content that’s in your site.

If you instead install the skeleton, it comes with its own preconfigured content, adapted to the theme used, so it will look like in the picture you attached.

So I have to download from the grav site? And not since my panel? I upload tab in the skeleton and not in the theme tab?

The skeleton is a pre-packaged bundle of Grav/Content/Antimatter theme/Plugins needed. You can start here and then install the admin plugin after.

So how do I install it all.? For it is not the same as a theme, the plugin admin panel = at? Basically the skeleton is not in itself the cms I have no need of the downloaded grav

Grav offers:

  • the CMS
  • the Admin Plugin
  • various plugins and themes
  • a bundle of the CMS + Admin Plugin
  • skeletons, which are the CMS + some plugins + a theme + some preconfigured content.

If you want a ready-made site, with content already configured, then download one of the available skeletons.

Skeletons don’t already come with the Admin Plugin installed, so you can install it after the download, with the usual way to install plugins:

bin/gpm install admin

Okay so let me explain what I did! I do not download the file or Grav Grav core + Admin plugin. I just downloaded this Boxify Site in skeleton and then I transferred my web server?

Thereafter I download the plugin admin I also transferred in the plugin file my webserver

It is inherently dangerous to simply copy files via FTP/SFTP from your local to your webserver.

  1. You will almost certainly miss and not copy hidden files such as .htaccess
  2. Copying single files can lead to missed or currupted files.

The better solution is to zip up the entire folder, copy the zip, and then extract the zip on the server. This will ensure that you have an exact replica of your local setup.

I invite you to look at my website where he apparently there’s an error:
And here’s a screen skeleton that I transfer to my site.
skeleton :

You just have permission problems as the error says. Take a look at this troubleshooting document regarding permissions.

So if I understand I could ever have exactly the same site without the skeleton? Uh question, how one changes some stuff like copyright I do not know if we have the right to remove

I’m not really following your question. You don’t have to use the skeleton, but that will get you an exact copy. You will have to recreate the demo manually otherwise.

You can remove or change the copyright text although it would be polite to leave a reference to Grav still.

Help ! I put in my Grav + Admin site and it put to me |


Same problem on your site as you had before, and I already answered you.

The error clearly says permission denied, so your webserver doesn’t have permissions to write files into the cache/ folder. So please follow my instructions above and read over the information regarding troubleshooting permissions.