Tabellen: Wie formatieren?

Hallo zusammen,
gibt es Möglichkeiten, Tabellen zu formatieren?
Z.B. Gesamtbreite, Spaltenbreite, Ränder, Farben, …
Danke für die Hilfe,

I have been forced to translate your message, so next time it would be appreciated to write in english so everybody can read you directly :wink:

You’re searching for a way to transform tables generated with the editor : but the problem is the native markdown table feature just generates markdown tables, so you can’t interact with the final HTML.

I suggest you to try an advanced editor that includes HTML tables generation, like TinyMCE :

One problem with those editors, is that it generates HTML for everything written in the markdown, and it can cause some trouble with the interaction with your templates. For example, it adds <p> tags by default around text, so links and images are wrapped with those <p> and it can cause trouble for the markdown to interpret native markdown tags.

Also, the tables generated by TinyMCE have fixed column width in pixels, if you copied/paste a table (not if you created the table from scratch, with the button) or if you decide to manipulate the columns by dragging their borders (if the table width is set in pixel instead of 100% !). So, in order to keep them in dynamic width (in percent) you’ll have to use the correct technics to avoid these problems.

If you decide to use TinyMCE, ping me so I can share the config file and the JS script I made.

Hello Romarain

first of all my sincere thanks for this very detailed answer.

I want to create a page-oriented homepage with Grav for a good friend of mine (Dirk). So far I have implemented this with WordPress. The handling in WordPress is too complicated for Dirk. He is not a technical guru as it would be necessary to enter his content correctly. It happens again and again that he corrupts the layout. On the search for a good alternative to WordPress I found Grav. I like Grav very much - especially the use of Markdown.

Some contents of the homepage are suitable to be displayed in tabular form.

I know (a little) about HTML tables. This is not the problem.

The problem is rather that I don’t know how to design Markdown tables, or whether this is possible at all.
I also don’t know yet how to create my own theme.

On the page Dirk Schindelbeck you can see how (for example) the page should look in Grav. Dirk is a germanist and a historian - his homepage is only available in german.

Best regards,