We need a simple WYSIWYG editor.rally

Markdown is nice and all but trying even simple thing like putting a table is a hasle.We need that option.Please include a wysiwyg editor in the nrxt release or as a plugin for us to use.We would love it.thanks.

have you tried admin plugin? It provides a wysiwyg.

The Admin plugin provides a markdown editor. A wysiwyg editor is in the plans for the Admin Pro.

The Editor Buttons plugin provides handy buttons for some markdown elements, including a table: https://github.com/getgrav/grav-plugin-editor-buttons

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 14

For the Pro version of the admin we are intending to use ProseMirror, which is written by the author of the highly popular CodeMirror. http://prosemirror.net/

This editor will allow a WYSIWYG type editor that can output appropriate Markdown or HTML syntax.

it’s in development now but is getting more solid by the day

the additional buttons plugins dosnt work.other than this,wysiwyg should be a base package.markdown on my opinion is a bad choice.it just limits you and thats all about it.
even if wysiwyg comes in the full pack,it wont be worth it,as someone would come along eventually and code a free replacement…

You can still use HTML instead of markdown, just turn off the markdown processing and HTML will work fine.

I really believe that for most people, markdown is a better solution. Sure it is limited, but for the majority of cases, keeping the content limited means there is less chance of screwing something up! This is especially useful when dealing with users that are not skilled at HTML. A WYSIWYG editor typically let’s people destroy your design and layout without knowing how or why :slight_smile:

Anyway,great work on this thingy.Will be looking forward to the full release.