Is there a traditional wysiwyg

Morning. I have to say I am very impressed with GRAV…very impressed. I have one question though. It may have been asked previously so apologies if this is a repeat question.

I target a specific niche that have next to no development skills and just want to login , edit and save then get on with their core business. The issue is none of them would be willing to use markdown. They simply want a traditional wysiwyg editor.

Is there a method to allow this in GRAV? without any convoluted copy and paste converters.

Many thanks


Plugin " TinyMCE Editor Integration"

In the administration go to > Plugins > Add > Find : TinyMCE

Many thanks. Will try your suggestion


Works a treat . . .did have to register with TinyMCE to get a code but that’s cool

Hi @kapicraig, there will be big news related to a Grav WYSIWYG soon(ish) with Grav Premium… maybe even in just a few weeks at :tada: