Can someone (please) convince me to use Grav?

I’ve been setting up sites with Joomla! since v1.5 so it is hard to convince myself to learn something new. I have a new customer that wants to build an e-commerce site with a good amount of media “flare” (rotators/sliders, video, etc). I see that Grav has a “shop” and a setup for Stripe, exactly what I need. What about including stuff like rotators and stuff? I will keep combing through the forum looking for ideas in the mean time.

Thank you!

Grav doesn’t have the ecosystem of Joomla or Wordpress. By that I mean you are not going to find the huge amount of pre-made plugins to build your site. What you are going to find is the ability to build sites the way you want to build them, not how the platform tells you to build them. Sites will be more fun to make, run better, faster, more secure, and easier to update. It is aimed more at developers than non-technical users, so it’s not for everyone.

Honestly, I have found what you are saying to be true and I like it. The toughest sell for me will be convincing the client to learn markdown. I use it all the time at work with files for github, but have never tried to write web content with it. I have Grav installed on a local environment right now. Looks very nice.

I think the biggest argument for Markdown > other formatting systems is to ask someone to write a formatted page in Word, then do the same with Markdown. Almost all Markdown-editors have an integrated cheatsheet, and the formatting is easy enough that even someone who has never heard of or used it would very quickly see the benefit of pure text rather than wrangling Word - which we all know never behaves well even with simple formatting.

There is still a lack of an excellent Markdown editor, where formatting is not visible whilst writing and not shown alongside in a preview. The only editor which hides formatting very well is Typora, but it is not open source.