I’m a freshly self-taught web developer from France, with a few basics on PHP and a short experience on Symfony 1.4, using now GRAV to help creating my company.

I’m socially excluded, shy, serious, high-potential, and burdened with philosophical questions since my very young age. But I love Frank Zappa ! Lonelyness and being closed in my appartment since about twelve years made me becoming a gnostic : I finally have my own philosophical structure to explain various things, from psychology to sociology, from existence to cosmogony, and have some personal interpretations about physics even if I’m not a scientist and can’t prove anything at this level. I plan to write a few books, with metalogical explorations and insights about mind, and a solid critic about society and violence.

I don’t belive that we are building Artificial Intelligence, neither that there is “multiple intelligences” : I’d rather think there is the intelligence, as the logic, and that we’re building modules of what intelligence is. I deeply hate the concept of “emotional intelligence”, and think this is a kind of inconscious propaganda coming from hypocrits and haters, forming part of the general consents that “nobody is better than anyone else” ; wich is a kind of muffler…

Guilt of having participated to bullying is for me the core of the matter. Wich could be pointed out as a poetic and metaphysical quote from myself.

God doesn’t exist… anymore. Because it has been beaten by something.

And, even…

Existence is no more fractal.

Would be my clue, given to beginners in the analytic philosophical area.

As an emerging coder, I would ask : is there any framework to build something respectful in this Universe ? Is existence limited by this parodic version of a good work ? Where is my 2.0 version of myself, in such a dualistic paradigm ? Can I re-compile myself ?

Somewhere, a voice is being heard :

“I’m affraid I can’t do that, David”…