Subpages in menu,,,


I’m just starting to use Grav and i think it’s an amazing tool. However, I’m trying to display subpages in the menu.

I am using receptar skeletton/theme and I’d like to display subpages in blogs folder (ie : /user/pages/*/ in the main menu. I could have created folders for each page in /user/pages/ but I’d like to show preview on the main page (/blog) like blog posts.

Can someone give me a hint, or something, a trick to do this ?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @dyjorgj3562, looking at the theme and skeleton I think you need to create a file called receptar.yaml in the folder /user/config/themes/ and in that file put this:

   enabled: true 

Then for each blog entry you want visible in the child menu, set the visible of that page to true, like this:

visible: true

Let me know if you can get things going.
ps - if you want to see the code (Twig) related to displaying child menu items it is at grav-theme-receptar/navigation.html.twig at develop · getgrav/grav-theme-receptar · GitHub