Is there a trick to getting a submenu option to show for a child page?

I was having no luck on a test site to get the sub-menu to show up so decided to install a fresh copy of grav and try again. With both sites the submenu does not show.

Both sites are using the Antimatter theme, pages are visible.

Just want to be sure I am not supposed to be adding anything to the frontmatter to make them show.


I found it… apparently it is disabled by default in the theme.

Stuff like this worries me. I feel I spend so much time trying to find out where things are set and why things that work by default in most systems have to be tracked down and turned on. I am sure the more I learn the system the better I will get at finding these things but I can’t help feeling it will add time to my builds.

It’s just the job of the theme in Grav and because antimatter is meant to be a minimal theme and not a catch all multipurpose theme, it’s off by default. Other themes may have it on by default, or not support it at all depending on the purpose or design if the theme.

I understand. Personally, I prefer consistency and would like to see either the menu routine totally separate from the theme so it is always included fully functioning or have it added to each theme but I am very grateful for those that put there time into developing the great theme and plugins for grav and hope to eventually be able to contribute as well one day.

I just need to have a good solid system in place to work from and understand what needs to be done. I don’t want to triple the time of a new build having to hunt down things that seem like they should work out of the box. I know the more familiar I become with grav the better it will get and after a few full builds things will start to click much better. I see so many advantages to using it already but still have much to wrap my head around before I can think about using it on a clients site. I do however see a time where I will be using it over wordpress for most of the type of builds I do. I am maki ng my own notes and want to build one install with nothing but working examples of many of the different things you can do in grav and use it as a quick reference and a code snippet library basically.

You switch that on inside the antimatter.yaml as follows:

    enabled: true

But note that the css is crappy (e.g. inconsistent behaviour when scrolled or not). It’ll need tweaking mainly in user/themes/antimatter/scss/template/_panel.scss. You then have to regenerate the css from the scss through sass with the script inside user/themes/antimatter/ Of course you have to install the SASS tools first to get that to work …

sorry @franchan, can you explain a little bit more in detail what you are trying to say, because if I agree on the problem (dropdown menu tweakin’), I can’t see the solution you mention. Thank you in advance… ♪