Receptar not showing blog entries

I am fairly new to grav and have been reverse engineering the receptar skeleton to get a better grasp on how things work.

My issue: I have created a new page of type blog and set it to be under the main root. It shows in the left navigation as expected. When I add a new page to be a child under the newly created page (the new page is of type item) it never shows when clicking on the new “blog” page.

Just to see if I have done something wrong, I moved one of the already established entries that came with the skeleton that appears in the default blog into my newly created blog and it does not show. Funnily enough, I can move the entry I created under the default blog and that works fine.

Then I thought perhaps this skeleton can only have one page of type blog and changed the default blog to something else, disabled it, and setup a new blog (as a folder rather than page) and still no success.

What am I missing here?


nevermind. figured it out. I was not calling out in the file that the children should actually be displayed.