Strategy to customize/simplify Grav for end-users?

Hi All,
I’m a keen beginner in most things webdev, but have played with Grav for some time now and look into getting better at it and to better understand some basic ideas. Right now I’m struggling with two “larger” questions, here is one - maybe you have some ideas, insights in a general approach to my challenge:

Purely as a hobby, I’m setting up Grav as a family blog, with the majority of the content private to family members. I’ve implemented an inherited Quark theme and have managed the Private Area, setting up an Editor group, access rights etc.

Largely my family Editors will only ever use two types of contents ie. Blog Items and Particles. Also, they should hardly ever need to change many settings, besides adding pictures and taxonomy.

How do I best go about to make their user experience as simple as possible?

I can think of a number of things, but am sure I’m missing many ways:

  • adjust the existing page templates to have and then hide default values for most settings?
  • develop completely new, very simple page templates (Items, Particles) to keep it to the basics?
  • somehow autopopulate certain values
  • hide less relevant templates somehow
  • etc etc

Now I wonder, what more tested strategies might be, what you use - and how to combine various approaches?
If you have any suggstions, general thoughts on how to achieve an as-simple-as-possible end-user experience, I’m grateful to hear of your ideas, concepts, philosophies — thanks in advance

@Flop, Another strategy which will save you a lot of time:

Adopt Python’s philosophy “We’re all responsible users” and write a clear and succinct user-manual the editors should stick to…

And when using Git’s source code control on the /user folder, any “mistake” can be reverted.