Looking for a simple theme

Hello GRAV community,

a simple question before going through the process of learning GRAV.
I need to build a simple web site for a guesthouse.
A very simple theme: one page, a few info, a link to an image gallery, something like the old lightbox.
It must be in 4 languages, javascript redirect and of course it must work on a mobile as well.

Is GRAV the right place to build that?
Is there any theme that can be used with a few adjustments?
I am sure it can be done with GRAV but I wouldn’ t want to use an airplane to go to the pub, if you know what I mean.

I have a basic knowledge of html, css and javascript, but I am a vet, not a programmer.

Thanks for any suggestion and have a nice weekend

Luca from Italy

Looks loke you could use just the QUARK theme :wink:

Transformation theme is look like simple.

I’ve used antimatter for some holding pages. I think many themes will be easily adapted.

I’m curious why you need javascript redirects? They are the worst kind in my opinion.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ ll give it a closer look.
have a nice day

Thanks for the quick reply and the suggestion, I’ ll give it a proper look and then decide

Thanks for the prompt reply and the theme suggestion, I ’ ll give it a better look.
Maybe redirect was not the best description, I need a browser check, english browser, english page, etc.
Javascript implements that, isn’ t it?
Any other solution, I’ ll be hapyy to listen
have a nice day

Content negotiation, specifically for language preference, is what you want and there are more standard ways (should be safer) than Javascript to do that, though you could.

Grav has good support for multiple languages and you can (apparently) easily set up HTTP content negotiation by language. :slight_smile:

many options, easy to set, it simply sounds great!
thank you again for your support