Non-technical end users

Hello! I’ve played around a bit with Grav and so far I like what I see a lot. I’d like to use it to make web sites for my non-technical end users. I think they can deal with a little bit of Markdown. And if not, there seems to be an editor plugin. Their needs are simple and either should be managable.

However, going through the process of creating a page in the admin panel, I think that this is way to confusing for my end users. Just to be sure that I don’t misunderstand something: If I want a blog page with the default theme, I have to first create a page with the “Blog” template and then create invidiual blog posts as “Item” with my “Blog” page as its parent, right?

This is too complicated and will inevitably lead to my users wondering why their blog posts don’t show up or show up in the wrong place. For a particular project, I have in mind, there need to be only two page types: Default pages that show up in the menu and blog-like entries that show up in a “News” section. So, can I easily create a theme in which:

  1. a specific template always creates pages as child pages in a particular folder, e. g. new blog items always become children to a specified “My Blog” page.
  2. the ability to create pages is restricted. My users in this case need access to only two page templates. The rest, “Error”, etc. should be hidden.
  3. (optional) I can restrict access to some page creation options, in particular the advanced options.

I have yet to learn how to exactly create a theme. But a general “yes” or “no” and maybe a general pointer to where to do this would be appreciated.

Hi Utis,

What you are looking for is totally doable, you can add some buttons in order for your user to only click a button if they want to create a blog post.
In this example, I made a button to add a concert for a festival website.


Link for the tutorial about how to do that is here:

For your second question, you can indeed hide some page templates by going into Plugins tab, and click on Admin Plugin, there will be a “hide page templates” options.

Hope it helps

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Thank you! That does seal the deal for me. So, I’m trying Grav for a project. :slight_smile: