Making my use case a little easier

So I’ve just wiped out my grav install and I’m going to do a rebuild. I’m looking for ways to make it a little easier better.

A section of my page had “user pages” each user had a login and a password and each specific page was set to only be logged in by that user (or admin).

When I had a meeting (lesson) with the user I would go and update that page with the meeting notes creating sort of a running page. This would require me to fiddle with the admin panel to edit the page, or editing the actual file. It worked pretty fine… but I’m wondering if there’s a slicker way to do such a thing.

I’ve noticed the “add a page with a form” plugin and I’m wondering if I could manipulate that to my needs. Ie. Select a user page as a top level folder and have the form add a page under that folder? Make the user page a modular page and each meeting a subpage?

I’m going to noodle around with this later but I’m curious if anyone has any bonus insight :slight_smile:


If you’re starting from scratch this might be a good place to use flex-boxes?
I’ve only played around with them and I’m no expert but you could have a page per user that retrieves only the flex-box records associated with that user.

This way, after a meeting/lesson you could go in and add a record that would be associated with that user.

I’m not sure if I’m being very clear, but basically flex-boxes seem to have some of the advantages of DB CRUD behaviour but are still DB free J-SON records…

I had not seen that. Looks like it might be very useful. :o

You’ll need Grav 1.7…

Ah! I just noticed that in the notes on Git. Not a big deal. I already wiped out my previous work (in 1.6) and was rebuilding from start so I can just get the 1.7 RC instead. This is more of a hobby than a dire requirement so I’m not in any great time crunch.