Some Updates!

Hey all I just wanted to let you know about some updates that have happened in the past week.

  1. We have released Grav 0.9.8 and 0.9.9 in quick succession. These are not major releases, but have provided some important fixes and some minor new features to make things better. Definitely upgrade to these if you have not already.

  2. As an experiment, I decided to try to port the Jekyll theme HPSTR to Grav. This turned out to be a great experiment as it exposed a couple of issues (that were resolved in Grav 0.9.9) but overall it was a relatively simple process. Jekyll has it’s own templating language that is very similar to Twig, also the content is already in YAML + Markdown format. I made the theme and skeleton available in the downloads section. You can see a demo here:

  3. After HPSTR, I decided to try another Jekyll theme. This time it was Mediator which is a medium-style theme for Jekyll. This theme is a very simple but very pretty blog style. The process went even quicker this time around, and only took a few hours. Again it’s available in the downloads, and a demo can be seen here:

  4. Over the past couple of weeks I have gotten more questions about base-themes and creating maintainable-custom-themes. We had built this in when we upgraded to streams, but I had never really put it to the test. I gave it a quick test over the weekend, and it worked fantastically! I’m going to blog about this as it will ensure that you can develop custom themes with minimal effort and maximum compatibility with any updates to the antimatter core theme (or any other theme you want to base your theme on).