Kactus theme port from Jekyll?

Hi all!
Not sure that we are even meant to post requests on the forum, but maybe there is a good soul out there that has the time and the will to port this very simple Jekyll theme to grav? It’s based on the Cactus for Mac static web generator and is already similar to the blogging template that we have for Grav, but it’s even more basic.
However, on the homepage I’d like to have the posts already, not only the titles… (yes, yes, I’m even picky!)
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

If I wasn’t strapped for time I would just to get better at doing this stuff, but if you take an existing skeleton that is close to what you want, all you need to do is change the html in the twig files. It is fun and a good learning experience. All the twig code and yaml would be mostly done for you.

I have this already done… going to use it to showcase a multilang skeleton. Will publish it to GPM and such early next week.

Great theme!

Live Demo of Cacti Theme