Skeleton development environment

I develop plugins for WordPress, Chrome and Firefox without issue but Grav is another kettle of fish!

is there a Skeleton development environment for plugins and themes I can install? I am used to using GUI’s that actually work giving me time to concentrate on plugin development.

I have tried both installing devtools by manual and shell access, both come with their own set of problems and after trying a few hundred times rectifying one error after another I came to the conclusion it should not be this hard! I have now given up and moving on to another platform, on the last try the command “bin/gpm install devtools” deleted the entire contents of the plugin directory including the directory plugins?

as a last ditch attempt …

alternatively is there an independent GUI that creates the framework for a plugin so I can concentrate on building the plugin itself? I do not want to play around with the overall structure.

is there a full list of requirements and settings from setting BIN to execute to any twigs that should exist in order for it to work?


There is not, but a lot of Skeletons are just packaged from a working installation of Grav that includes the necessary extensions. A lot of developers will just have a base installation and symlink in the extension(s) being developed, so it’s quick and easy to package.

I have not heard of any problems with the DevTools that should require much work to resolve, certainly none that could delete /user/plugins entirely. What environment are you developing on? The basic requirements for a plugin are pretty minimal, it only requires three files.

In regards to the last question, are you referring to the technical requirements for Grav? Apart from installing the vendor-dependencies if you cloned from GitHub or Composer, running Grav with PHP requires only one command.